Compost is Awesome!

Healthy food begins with healthy soil. The act of composting is awesome! Through composting, you can transform waste into black gold! It’s easy, even you can start one in your own backyard with no more than some food scraps, old leaves and grass clippings. Get busy, make some soil! Below is a fun recipe for a successful backyard compost pile just about anyone can build. It’s even more fun if you get the kids involved.

Farm Work Trade

Here on the farm, we have loads to do! From tilling, planting, and tending the gardens to building projects of all varieties and animal tending and care, there is never a dull moment. We love to have our community out to help, whether it be a one off project or for ongoing visits. Children benefit greatly from work experiences on the farm, and can begin building healthy work ethics while learning what farming is all about!