The Magic and the Mystery, Our Summer of Spirit

This summer was a beautiful unfolding here on the farm. As we are embracing a shift within our own hearts, our focus and direction is beginning to be a reflection of that process. Amongst the gatherings we hosted were a coming of age ceremony for a child becoming a young man in our community, a blessing way for a mother adopting two children, women’s new moon fire ceremonies, sweat lodges on the sacred solstices and equinoxes, Spirit Camp which included a vision quest ceremony for six seekers and workshops with our Elder Magdala, a weekend of Toltec workshops with our teacher Coyocihault of our sister lodge, the Sun Moon Lodge in Lafayette, planting of over 100 beautiful trees and the construction of a magical and medicinal herb garden. Upon reflection, that’s a lot!

Spirit is blessing our land again and again with such beautiful souls celebrating and learning in sacred ways, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome this energy here! As the stewards of this land and the creators of this farm, it feels like the birthing period is over now and we are embracing a new phase of community here.

This fall has been a rush of preparations for winter and a loving harvest of our garden’s abundance. We are now breathing the out breath, letting go of our leaves, as we move into the fall sunset. We are getting ready for winter’s quiet time of reflection and integration, and embracing the lessons that this beautiful year has brought. Thank you to each heart that has shined it’s light here, and for all of our community that has shared in the building of more than just a farm, this is our home and our gift to this beautiful world.