Welcoming the Wintery Wonderland!

winter farming

The quiet of the white blanket of Winter has arrived, and with it, time for the soul work of introspection, curling up with hot tea and a good book, heaters in the water troughs, and late nights checking to make sure everyone is warm and put to bed.

We are grateful to see the mountains above us packing with snow. This ensures that our field will have the water it needs come spring! Everything was buttoned up in a timely manner and put to sleep, and the animals are cozy in their winter shelters. Keeping the farm going through the winter has it’s challenges, so we’ve learned to bundle up and greet the snow with a smile, knowing that spring is just around the corner! In the mean time, nature slumbers, life draws inward, and we meditate on the year to come, cozied in our snowy blanket.